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Go the extra mile. Prepare for the Next Great Disruption, Hybrid Work?

Employee expectations are shifting, and we'll need to define productivity more broadly in order for employees to improve their careers, including front-line and knowledge workers as well as new graduates and current workers. Hybrid workplace is a challenge that we must address and will be crucial for organizations to overcome in order to attract and retain diverse talent.

Harnessing the power of digital for growth in the workplace

Our teams have been working with professionals and companies to help through this transition. The IMDIQ Knowledge framework by Digital Strategy Institute is a thoughtful approach that positions the businesses for the future by delivering a high-performance work ground that empowers, enables, and inspires humans and makes economic growth a reality.

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Why should you participate?

Today, businesses need empowered digital-savvy associates, managers, and leaders with the right knowledge and expertise. DSI's IMDIQ™ framework fills this gap by testing, validating, and building perspective in the essential knowledge areas.

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