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IMDIQ constitutes a fundamental component across all three professional certifications offered by the Digital Strategy Institute. Its primary objective lies in delineating the domains wherein the acquisition of knowledge is indispensable for commencing a prosperous career, as well as for guaranteeing notable job performance and advancement.



The IMDIQ framework stands at the forefront of our strategic arsenal at the Digital Strategy Institute. It represents a robust methodology designed to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with precision and insight. IMDIQ, which stands for Identify, Map, Develop, Implement & Quantify


IMDIQ™ stands as a pinnacle in comprehensive frameworks, harmonizing strategy, digital transformation, and business model innovation. It orchestrates the intricate dance between technology and business processes, seamlessly integrating human values for meaningful outcomes. At the Digital Strategy Institute (DSI), adherence to IMDIQ™ compliance and standards, as outlined in release 13.11, is paramount, ensuring that all programs and certifications meet rigorous criteria.

This model is not merely a compilation of disparate concepts but rather a masterful fusion of renowned methodologies. IMDIQ™ melds the essence of market identification, benchmarking against competition, optimization of partner ecosystems, engineering of business processes, meticulous measurement of progress, and alignment across organizational domains. It forms a cohesive, cross-functional framework that serves as the backbone of digital strategy management.

Within IMDIQ™ resides the essence of strategy, innovation, design, technology platforms, data analytics, and cognitive computing. It is a crucible where these elements blend harmoniously, giving rise to transformative programs that are both impactful and intimate. These programs, crafted with precision, aim not only to touch the surface but to delve deep, fostering profound digital transformations that resonate across organizations and industries.

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