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 Certified Digital Strategy Leader


Program Overview

The DSI’s Certified Digital Strategy Leader is a standard for managing the Digital Business Strategy.

CDSL™ uses a value chain approach to create a model of the functions which is powered by technology to help the organizations in identifying their goals and leading their way to contribute towards business competitiveness. Certification is available to the Business Strategy professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and their understanding of Digital Strategy and its importance in today’s businesses.

CDSL’s certification provides validation to an individual that he/she has gained the knowledge of structure, concepts of the Digital Strategy operating model, and has understood the core principles of the technology application and its implication in the value chain. Examination can be taken on the AI-powered platform at home or in your office. A digital badge is awarded to the certified professionals who secure more than 60% in the examination.

Why CDSL™ from the Digital Strategy Institute

This program aims at validating skills and perspective building for senior executives in the Digital Strategy Management. This course will cover the Changing Industry landscape, operating models, new revenue streams, business models, market penetration, competitive advantage, mapping digital opportunities that are consistent in Business Strategy. Furthermore, it will help in analyzing situations and gap analysis of the organizational processes and their systems.


DSI serves individuals and institutions with the world’s most powerful digital business strategy programs and certifications, for experienced business professionals, graduating MBAs and career-starters.

Earning the DSI CDSL™ designation helps you in many ways

  • Maximizes your organization's Digital Strategy investments

  • Increases your pay by 20%

  • Improves your hiring chances by 50%

  • Career advancement

  • Professional growth

  • Increased credibility and recognition in the job market

The process to become a Certified Digital Strategy Professional:

Step 1: Visit the myDSI section on the website


Step 2: Fill up the registration form with the necessary details

Step 3: One of our partners from the designated regional office will be assigned to you for any help that you may need for documentation, queries, and exam scheduling (Please note the examinations will be delivered online on an AI-powered platform

Step 4: An exclusive study kit will be given for the exam preparation

Step 5: Exam duration is 90 minutes 


All examinations will be conducted and proctored online on the robust AI-powered platform  

The total number of multiple-choice questions is 45 

The standard qualification benchmark for the credential award is 60% of the correct answers

Fee for the Examination is $1050 USD (Valid through 31st December 2020)

Who can apply for CDSL™ Credential?

If you’re an accomplished business professional with more than five years of experience in Business Strategy, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Finance, and Economics for a while, after your Master’s program from a university or a business school anywhere in the world, the Certified Digital Strategy Leader (CDSL™) is a great credential to earn.


Our examinations are delivered on a robust AI-powered platform to ensure the best experience for our candidates in a secure virtual environment. We value the importance of user experience and we have deployed the latest technology platforms that exceed international testing, accreditation, and credentialing standards.


Credential and Certificate  


All participants who complete their CDSL™ program registration procedure will exclusive digital strategy study kit to prepare for the exams. To improve your learning experience, additional video content and reading material will be provided on the LMS dashboard.


The package also includes access to the AI-powered online exam platform that allows you to schedule and take your exam at your convenience on your computer.

Qualified Candidates will be awarded a digital certificate in real-time, which can be instantaneously shared on social media. Certified candidates also get their printed certificate shipped to the registered address.

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