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Why Digital Growth Workplace Certification?

The future of work is hybrid and Organizations that overcome this challenge will be the winners in the years to come. When your employees are empowered with right practices that are built for the future of work, people and organizations both thrive. Recognition for these practices will help your organization grow as a digital workplace of choice.


The DSI’s Digital Growth Workplace certification programme recognizes these practices and benefits for your company in various ways.

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Digital Growth Workplace Certification Benefits 

DSI programs and certifications focus on how your organization can innovate and form new people strategies as well as business models to help your employees prosper in this digital age.

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Brand Recognition 

Our certification provides validation to an organization that has gained the knowledge of structure, concepts of the Digital Growth Workplace operating model. As your company grows, demand for new employees is generated. Being seen by potential workforce in the prestigious mention of the Digital Strategy Institute will not only raise your profile as an employer, but it will also offer them insight into your firm's long-term potential.

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Growth Insights

Through the preparation and validation process, you will gain knowledge, learn best practices and acquire skills required to identify gaps in the current organizational environment, strategize, design, execute, measure, and improve internal processes and extended enterprise transformation for your organization by applying the right mix of technologies and business process understanding.

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All companies that receive Digital Growth Workplace ® Certification may utilize the award logo for communication purposes. Acknowledgement of achievement online at induction into the Digital Strategy Institute for next generation leaders. Opportunity of being covered in the Digital 20 list of the most successful digital companies in the world.

*The use of the label and the word-and-image logo “Digital Growth Workplace - Certified” for communication purposes is subject to a certification and qualification.

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A True Digital Workplace is the Enterprise of the Future

Over 357 Organizations in 123 countries/regions share our passion and commitment to creating the workplace of the future by harnessing the power of digital and hybrid work. 

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