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IMDIQ™ Knowledge Framework

At Digital Strategy Institute, we know that there is more to Business Strategy, more to performance than the course of action and more to people than their designations.
Today in the Digital Economy, customers need a differentiated experience at a much faster pace than ever before.  Businesses are enforced to deliver their products and services at a lightning-fast speed. Digital Strategy helps in positioning the businesses for the future by delivering a high-performance work ground that empowers, enables, and inspires humans and makes economic growth a reality. Therefore, businesses today need digital-savvy associates, managers, and leaders with the right knowledge and expertise. IMDIQ™ fills this gap by testing, validating, and building perspective in the essential knowledge areas. We’re known for our ability to develop Digital Talent and elevate end-to-end business performance.


IMDIQ™ is a comprehensive framework that integrates strategy, digital transformation, business model innovation and various steps involved in generating outcomes through the true convergence of technology and business processes with human values. All DSI programs and certifications meet the IMDIQ™ compliance and standards as per the release 13.11.


The IMDIQ™ model is a unique combination of well-known concepts of new market identification, competition benchmarking, partner ecosystem optimization, business process engineering, process measurement, and organizational alignment into a cross-functional framework.  IMDIQ™ encapsulate strategy, innovation, design, technology platforms, data analytics, and cognitive computing to develop and deliver high-touch and high-impact digital transformation programs.


IMDIQ™ Knowledge Framework

  • Identify

  • Map  

  • Develop

  • Implement

  • Quantify

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