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Disclaimers & Safe Harbor Declarations

The Digital Strategy Institute (DSI) is a not-for-profit, third-party, international credentialing and certification organization that has no vested interests in training or the development, marketing, or promotion of any platform, technology, or tool related. DSI recognizes the skills and potential of people and companies in a variety of roles, such as design, development, engineering, and management of digital using strategic techniques.

DSI certification programs for aspiring and working professionals are fleshed out on the world's first vendor-neutral body of knowledge, which is ever growing, thus DSI certifications do not claim to cover all competencies and knowledge areas required of digital strategy professionals at any given moment. The objective of the DSI certification exams is to validate individuals' knowledge and skills that are required within the body of knowledge and exam curriculum. The study material provided to registered participants is not necessarily limited to only those topics covered in the DSI certification examinations. Although the aim of DSI certifications is to help professionals achieve continual success in their careers, no user of these ideas, goods or services is guaranteed a profit or success. Unless expressly stated under a program, no programs created by DSI or its collaborating institutions lead to university-equivalent credentials.

The names and logos of goods, brands, technologies, and organizations mentioned on this website are trademarks and properties of their respective owners, and their usage is for informative purposes only. DSI disclaims any and all liability for the content of its websites, collateral material, newsletters, and other communication materials. DSI does not utilize company names, institutions, people, technologies, brands, platforms, or goods on/in its websites or other marketing material to promote its credentials or services unless the name(s)/brand(s) of people or items in question has made a generic contribution to the digital strategy worldwide discourse.

DSI and/or its partner institutions reserve the rights to postpone, cancel, modify, or reschedule any program, either offered independently by DSI or in collaboration with other institutions, without prior notice to prospective and enrolled program participants. The DSI and its associated institutions have the right to accept or decline applicants for certification and executive education programs they offer. DSI does not exclude individual students based on race, color, sex, or sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political views, veteran status, or disability in their educational programs and activities to the greatest extent feasible.

All facts, figures, and other qualitative or quantitative information or infographics on this website have been verified and validated based on their sources. The DSI does not accept responsibility for the absolute truth or validity of such information, or for any misuse of it on this website. The company does not claim any facts or figures about the industry, markets, products, occupations, DSI's own predictions, or other forward-looking information as representations of or forming any exact factual projection of the future. The Digital Strategy Institute is not a training company and has no relationship with those who provide training or examination preparation services. 3rd party specialists design and execute all programs, initiatives, courses, education, knowledge, or marketing. DSI does not allow any of these to impact, influence, or renege on the ethics, rigor, or sanctity of its credentialing policy or procedure.


The Digital Strategy Institute (DSI) reserves the right to engage third parties in the management of its business, knowledge, content, operations, and backend procedures related to customer interactions, customer support, logistics, partner network, and invoicing under further notice., Multiple offices across the world collaborate on these procedures, which are being collaboratively shared among several specialist 3rd-party service providers. DSI is committed to providing the highest standards of service and care to its clients, while also preserving the interests of its customers and maintaining the standards of its services at all times. External/3rd-party service provider or partner or affiliate of DSI has no say in Digital Strategy Institute certification selection. Individuals or organizations who decide to work with DSI are assumed to have read and agreed to the following information about DSI services, methods, and policies. All inquiries should be sent to

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