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What is IMDIQ™ Knowledge Framework for Digital Strategy?

IMDIQ™ is a knowledge framework that provides the structure and guidance for developing a digital strategy. It was created by David Winston, senior researcher at DSI’s McGrath Center for Technology & Society, and has been adopted by leading organizations around the world. The IMDIQ™ framework four core principles Opportunity, People, Platform, and Purpose. Each of these principles have a set of associated actions to follow as well as specific questions to answer during the strategy development process.

IMDIQ Knowledge Framework

The IMDIQ™ framework guides organizations and professionals through a strategic planning process to help them identify opportunities, constituencies, strategies and tactics. The framework takes an iterative approach which allows organizations to make informed decisions based on insights and data collected.

Opportunity: Organizations need to identify opportunities in order to create a digital strategy. This can be done through market research, analysis of competitor offerings, or other methods.

People: Organizations need to understand their customers and employees in order to create a strategy that meets their needs. Customer research can help organizations learn about their customers’ wants, needs, and desires. Employee research can identify various ways to attract or retain talent.

Platform: Organizations need to understand their technology platforms in order to make informed decisions on how people will work and interact with one another and their products and services. Understanding the current state of existing platforms (online and offline) as well as organizational platforms (departments, teams) can help organizations map out future state plans.

Purpose: The “business reason for being” that aligns with the organization’s purpose is crucial when determining the strategy to use during any given time period. Understanding their strategic priorities and what they are trying to accomplish in the new world of digital technology can help organizations decide on which paths to pursue.

IMDIQ™ is a knowledge framework that provides the structure and guidance for developing a digital strategy. The IMDIQ™ framework stands for and includes five core elements: Identify, Map, Develop & Implement, and Quantify. The framework is designed to ensure forward-thinking organizations consider the following:

Identify: Organizations need to know where they are starting from in order to identify where they want to go. They need to understand their current state, including their business objectives and strategies, as well as their customers, employees, and technology platforms.

Map: A digital strategy is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing process that should be revisited on a regular basis. The process of mapping out the strategy is what allows organizations to understand their current state and where they need to go in order to reach their goals.

Develop & Implement: Strategic planning should be an iterative, data-driven process that takes into account the insights collected throughout the process. Moving through this cycle will allow organizations to identify the right strategies and tactics to use in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

Quantify: Organizations need to be able to measure their progress in order to determine if they are achieving their goals. They need to track the performance of their digital strategy over time in order to make informed decisions on where to allocate resources and how to course correct when needed.

The IMDIQ™ framework is a comprehensive system for integrating strategy, digital transformation, business model innovation, and other phases of creating outcomes through the true convergence of technology and business processes with human values. All DSI programs and certifications comply with the IMDIQ™ criteria as stated in Release 13.11.


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