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Python vs Ruby : Which One is Better?

Ruby is a dynamic language and Python is a static language. Ruby has more features than python like scripting capabilities, range based 'for-loop' , ability to define methods with blocks etc. ruby syntax is more readable than python syntax because curly braces in ruby are optional for single line statements. Python does not have that luxury. (I wrote python in the first sentence :) ) more developers prefer ruby than python because it is faster and very extensible. There are many gems/packages for ruby development which are not available in python like rail-rails, capybara etc.

Have you used both the languages? What do you think about my comments above?

If not, which language are you familiar with python or ruby?

If you want to get into web development then I can recommend both the languages but If you are newbie and want to learn programming. I would suggest go for ruby because of its simplicity, powerful features and large community support.(which is not good in python)

Python vs Ruby : Which One is Better?

Python and Ruby have been my favorite programming languages for a while. They are also the two most popular coding languages in the world. Both of these languages offer unique features to their users but there is always a winner between them. Whoever you choose can be good depending on your situation and requirement. But choosing either will be beneficial if you know to use it properly.

So, Which one is better in your language choice ?

Python has been the favorite for a lot of professional developers and in my opinion it's always going to be the number one. So here are some points that I believe make Python different from Ruby:

Easy Object Oriented Programming (OOP): Python provides you with an easy way to learn object-oriented programming as it uses classes and objects in its core. You can learn the basics of OOP by exploring Python. Once you are familiar with creating classes and making objects, you can go on to easily use other object oriented languages like C++ or Java.

Adding features are easier: Python is a “scratch your own itch” type of language. The syntax is clean and does not allow complex configurations while adding features to the source code. Ruby, on the other hand, is a little bit more strict when it comes to making changes or adding new features in its core as it requires some major patching work on the existing code and that is not always easy to do.

Faster and Easier for testing: Python is faster than Ruby due to the fact that it has been written in a compiled language that is interpreted. It also provides an extensive library of modules which make things easier while performing heavy operations like data encryption, math, string formatting etc.

If you are new to these programming languages and want a secure way to learn, you can opt for Python as it does not require much time getting familiar with all its features. Once you are used to its syntax, it becomes really easy to get started with this language and later on Ruby. It uses indentation instead of “{}” for looping which provides a clean readable platform for everyone to work.

Python also has some level of compatibility with C and Java, so if you already know how to code in those languages, you will find it easy to understand Python as well. You can also run the code directly using Python without compiling or any sort of pre-processing like in Java.

For web developers, Python would be a better option because it can easily run on any platform and looks good in both mobile/web applications as well.

Ruby is an easy language to master but Python has more features than Ruby. So if you are thinking of doing some heavy duty work like - Machine learning or AI, I would suggest learning Python as it is faster and due to its object oriented nature, you become a master at the same time. For web development too, I would recommend these two languages in that order - Python first and then Ruby.


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