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Invezz unveils a brand new Website as Part of the Expansion Plans

As a component of an arranged extension during the current year, Invezz has as of late gone through a total overhaul of their website, The new website design presents a cleaner design, and a host of new highlights and features to make it simpler for individuals to get to data and arrive at their monetary objectives.

The new website is more user friendly and easy to use. It helps users to make wiser investment decisions while exploring the universe of individual accounting, supporting them when purchasing stocks, digital currency and commodities.

“As interest rates remain low, an increasing number of people are realising that they can put their money to more use than depositing it in a standard ISA. Invezz is rising to meet the needs of regular people looking to maximise their returns, and our website redesign is a large part of achieving this goal.”

“Many industry leaders in the finance space have relied on outdated products and over-complicated information for far too long; as such they have lost contact with what people are looking for.

“As COVID-19 spread across the world, our data demonstrated a surge in people searching for accessible financial information to keep their heads above water in difficult times. What they were generally confronted with was an industry that often makes investing sound too complex for the man on the street. This is not the case, and Invezz is here to prove it.

“The launch of the new Invezz website represents our growing challenge to established finance brands, and also a step forward in our mission to make investing easy and effortless for everyone.” said David Merry, CEO of Investoo Group.


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