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How to find the best remote visual support solution for your business?

Remote vision support technology provides quick and intuitive guidance for various counter services, including equipment self-installation, document capture, troubleshooting and billing suggestions. With the help of agents, you can see a clear view of what your customers see and eliminate the list of diagnostic questions hence discovering the cause in just a few seconds.

Remote Visual Support

It is an ingenious technology that revolutionizes customer support practices and customer service. By implementing AR and live video support features, however, the support agent can glimpse precisely what the customer sees at the time of consultation, making it easier for them to analyze the issue facing the customer. As a result, customers are free from any pressure to fix the problem on their own. Instead, customers can be equipped with real-time advice - better automatic expertise while improvising the company's customer service.

How does AR enhance remote vision support?

  • AR fuses reality with the help of live video streaming.

  • In addition, AR offers a visual guide on the customer's device with a support agent accompanying every step of creating the best relevant solution.

  • Augmented reality remote assistance can use Augmented reality remote assistance for various sectors of your business as per its performance and versatility.

  • AR can quickly improve the customer service experience in all stages of technical support-out of the box-installation-troubleshooting.

The best remote visual assistance solutions

It is crucial to select the most suitable visual assistance solution and at the same time have to consider your constraints. Therefore, you must consider the essentials. In addition to other elements. Here are some criteria you should keep in mind before choosing the solution.

  • Check without installation.

You must provide the best experience to the user. Thus before choosing a solution, try to consider its compatibility with various options available in the market. One should make sure that the answer is ideal for your needs and is accessible by the maximum number of customers of your company. This should be prevented for your customer's best experience and make end-to-end encrypted conversation with the customer. It is highly recommended to choose a visual assistance solution without its installation and simple web-based browser that will be easy to access.

  • Check for compatibility with business tools.

Most of the companies have specific tools adopted by the company. Therefore, must integrate the solution with the device for the best performance. Some visual assistants, as a result, customers are restricted to have co-browsing or remote desktop tools, while many are designed to integrate with CRMs and other business tools. The recommendation is to have an editor that provides the APIs and connectors essential for integrating the solution into your business.

  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence The integration of artificial intelligence functions and visual assistance solutions is very useful to support the path. It allows simple decision-making by automating specific tasks through image and text recognition that will help detect faults during the conversation with the client, either on video or on text. It will also help in the identification of the disconnected cables, error codes, etc.

  • Statistics monitoring

It will help monitor and keep the statistics such as support requests, real-time tracking of ticket status, and many more. With its help, we can have a satisfaction survey to check the customer's satisfaction.

  • Data security

Data security is the most considered topic. Visual assistance allows your team to process the personal information and data (images, videos, documents, etc.) of your customer. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand all its architecture, like how it is developed and maintains itself, and provide security or end-to-end encryptions for all the video sessions and data exchanged. Also, it should protect the data from unauthorized access or any data leak.

  • Versatile support

It is counselled to choose a visual assistance solution capable of supporting you at all the stages of your project. Ensure that the supplier has an organized and focused overview of customers and provides a significant amount of support in providing the solution to the customer throughout the operating cycle with regular exchange of points.


Remote vision support is a user-centric, interactive, and time-saving technology that can take your business to a new level. It helps increase customer satisfaction, increase the value of customer service, and empower support staff. Therefore, remote assistance further enhances the traditional concept of customers.


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