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Digital Strategy Institute Highlights Winners of the 2024 Inclusive Talent Leadership (ITL) Awards by SoftwareVerdict

Boston, MA – June 3, 2024 – The Digital Strategy Institute is excited to spotlight the recently announced winners of the 2024 Inclusive Talent Leadership (ITL) Awards, presented by SoftwareVerdict. These awards honor organizations and leaders who exemplify excellence in fostering inclusive talent management and leadership practices.

This year’s ITL Awards celebrate the “Mighty 90,” a distinguished group of HR and Talent Leaders recognized for setting new benchmarks in inclusivity, diversity, and equitable leadership across various industries. Selected from over 240 nominations, these winners have demonstrated outstanding innovation and commitment to creating inclusive work environments, promoting diversity at all organizational levels, and achieving significant business impact through their initiatives.

Mighty 90

Key Highlights of the 2024 ITL Award Winners:

  • Innovation in Inclusive Talent Development: Honoring Leaders that have developed pioneering programs to nurture talent from diverse backgrounds, ensuring equal growth opportunities.

  • Leadership in Diversity Initiatives: Recognizing talent leaders who have implemented effective diversity and inclusion strategies, leading to measurable improvements in workplace culture and business performance.

  • Excellence in Equitable Practices: Celebrating leaders that have integrated equitable practices into their operations, guaranteeing fair treatment and opportunities for all employees, regardless of their background or identity.

“We are thrilled to honor these talent leaders who are not just advocating for inclusion and diversity but are actively integrating these values into their business strategies and cultures,” said Andrew Jackson, Executive Director of SoftwareVerdict. “The 'Mighty 90' winners of the 2024 ITL Awards exemplify the positive impact that inclusive leadership can have on both workplace culture and overall business success.”

For a detailed list of the winners, please visit SoftwareVerdict’s website.

About SoftwareVerdict: SoftwareVerdict provides independent and objective research-based consulting to help business leaders worldwide make informed decisions regarding technology providers and market trends. Their key solutions, including the Strategic Business Review®, TrueView™, and Economic Impact Radar®, offer comprehensive insights into current market conditions and IT product suitability, enabling businesses to achieve their strategic objectives.

For further information about the ITL Awards and SoftwareVerdict’s services, visit SoftwareVerdict’s website.


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