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Best iPaaS and Data Integration tools of 2021


Celigo is one of the most powerful Data Integration tool provided by Celigo Inc. This powerful iPaaS tool comes with three options which include Pre-Built Integrations, Connectors and Custom Integrations. Pre-built Integrations help connect systems and applications very quickly with quickstart templates which can be installed, configured, duplicated, modified and also deleted. is built to support growth and scale being architected as a streaming platform, it can seamlessly support large volumes of data and complex workflows between systems. Cloud seems a perfect Data Integration and iPaaS tool in the big data world.

CEO – Jan Arendtsz

Headquarters – San Mateo, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


A powerful Data Integration too, launched by Bizdata Inc. is a real-time cloud integration platform. It is one of the Industry-leading cloud-based iPaaS that does real-time integration with minimum IT intervention for connecting SaaS and Enterprise Application. Master Data Management (MDM), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Social, Mobiles, Data warehouse and Internet of Things (IoT). eZintegrations is a low code, browser-based cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for connecting any business across hybrid and complex IT environment. It helps users to integrate SaaS and On-Prem applications: ERP, SCM, Customer Service, PLM, Social, Mobile, Data Warehouse, MDM, EDI and IoT sensor data. It is one of the best iPaaS and data integration solutions as it doesn’t require any technical expertise and comes with powerful provisioning and many creative features. It is one of the fastest Data integration iPaaS and can integrate the data within half a month thus, reducing downtime to minimum.

CEO – Adil Mujeeb

Headquarters – Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America.

Here’s a link to understand how it works:

Cloud Elements

It is one of the most popular and strong iPaaS solution for businesses looking to integrate the Data. It is the first API integration platform to virtualize APIs into unified data models that eliminate brittle, point-to-point connections. With your data at the center of a customized Application Ecosystem, you get a cost, scale and performance advantage so you can seize new opportunities, create new experiences and discover what’s next. For Data Integration, Cloud Elements catalog has a list of 200+ pre-built connectors for popular cloud apps. It has a no-code workflow builder to make creating complex integrations simple. It is one of the great Data Integration tools to build robust and effective Data integrations.

CEO – Mark Geene

Headquarters – Denver, CO

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Another Data Integration and iPaaS tool in the list if Adaprtis Integrations. It is one of leading iPaaS and aims to simplify Data Integrations for businesses big or small. It transforms the way you see, use and create data. It performs Data Integration in the most cost-effective and fast way, in the cloud, on premise or hybrid environment. Adaptris took the decision to offer the Interlok™ Framework on an Open Source license. This allows third party developers to extend the framework and to utilize it to build their own application connections, services and workflows. Adaptris offers an onboarding service to allow customers who have used the Interlok™ Framework in their own solutions to certify the code and support it going forward. This helps their customers as integration projects scale and become more critical to the business.

CEO – Nick Evans

Headquarters – Sutton, GB

Here’s a link to understand how it works: helps to quickly integrate your software applications using powerful automated workflows and easily build and streamline processes using its beautifully designed visual workflow editor. It provides Tray Connectors which includes 500+ ready-to-use connectors for common apps databases to access ever datapoint and custom field. Its Universal connectors are also very helpful and left you integrate data by configuring universal API, database and file connectors. It is one of the most powerful Data Integration and iPaaS solution which helps automate redundant tasks and improve efficiency. It aims to Empower your workforce with automated processes and integrate your cloud stack to work in real time., Automate your organization without taxing development resources and Turn your team into citizen automators.

CEO – Rich Waldron

Headquarters – San Francisco, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Talend is among our best iPaaS solutions as it helps connect all your data sources into a clean, complete and compliant source of truth. Talend Data Integration lets you connect and manage all your data, no matter where it lives. Use more than 1,000 connectors and components to connect virtually any data source with virtually any data environment, in the cloud or on premises. Easily develop and deploy reusable data pipelines with a drag-and-drop interface that’s 10 times faster than hand-coding. Talend is an iPaaS tool for Big Data Integration and has partnerships with leading cloud service providers, data warehouses, and analytics platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, and Databricks.

CEO – Christal Bemont

Headquarters – Redwood City

Here’s a link to understand how it works:

Software AG

Software AG features among the best iPaaS tool for Data integration in our list because it assists Data Integration of numerous types. Software AG allows for API Management, Application integration, B2B Data integration, Mainframe integration and Microservices and Managed File transfer. To keep up, the modern enterprise needs to innovate at mach speed. But innovation can’t get off the ground without digitalizing and connecting all systems – both in the cloud and on premises. Software AG’s web Methods API, integration (iPaaS & on-prem) and microservices platform offers unified out-of-the-box connectivity that has been architected for the next generation of challenges in digital transformation.

CEO – Sanjay Brahmawar

Headquarters – Darmstadt, Germany

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


IBM’s iPaaS solutions for Data integration finds a place in this list too. IBM helps in modernizing your integration approach by rethinking people, processes, technology and architecture and also helps build an agile data integration approach. IBM’s iPaaS solution is being used by big industry players like Walmart which uses IBM Cloud integration solutions to support their enterprise and scale logistics, Delphi builds their integration strategy around IBM Cloud integration solutions and a lot more industry leaders adopt IBM’s Cloud integration solution. Core IBM products for Data integration like IBM API connect, IBM App Connect, IBM MQ and IBM Data power Gateway. The powerful products accelerate and automate the Data Integration and improve overall efficiencies of Businesses using them.

CEO – Arvind Krishna

Headquarters – Armonk, NY

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


TIBCO is the global leader in Data integration and Analytics and is one of the widely used iPaaS solutions for Data integration. It unlocks the potential of Real-time data for faster, smarter and efficient Decision making. TIBCO fuels the modern enterprise with its connected intelligence platform which connects any application or data source; unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and predicts outcomes in real time and at scale. It has been recognized as global leaders in Data Integration and an efficient iPaaS solution across a variety of platforms.

CEO – Dan Streetman

Headquarters – Palo Alto, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Microsoft’s iPaaS solution for Data integration finds a deserving place in the list. It simplifies Hybrid Data Integration by Integrating all your data with Azure Data Factory, a fully managed, serverless data integration service. Visually integrate data sources with more than 90 built-in, maintenance-free connectors at no added cost. It makes it easy to construct ETL and ELT processes code-free in an intuitive environment and also allows you to write your own code if need be. It also then delivers integrated data to Azure Synapse Analytics to unlock business insights for effective Decision Making. Microsoft’s iPaaS solution is one of the most easy-to-use, cost-effective, powerful and intelligent tool and is constantly evolving for the better.

CEO – Satya Nadella

Headquarters – Redmond, WA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Mulesoft’s Anypoint platform that helps create connected experiences, products and services is one of the best API Platform for Data integration. It Simplifies complex processes and connects your entire business quickly using clicks or code. Mulesoft’s Anytime Platform helps Design API specifications with ease, automate workflow with few clicks, implement API’s and integrations faster, connect to any system and Test and iterate rapidly. The Anytime Platform helps connect the entire system 5X faster with the help of pre-built connectors by using any universal protocol or transport method. It also provides an option to build your own connectors with its SDK and if certified by it then your connectors could be made available to other consumers as well.

CEO – Brent Hayward

Headquarters – San Francisco, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Snaplogic is one of the most powerful iPaaS solutions for Data Integration for the enterprise. It helps create, multi-point, enterprise- wide app and data integrations. Also, easily expose and manage pipeline APIs that extend the existing world for an enterprise. It eliminates slower, manual, error-prone methods and delivers faster results for business processes such as customer onboarding, employee onboarding and off-boarding, quote to cash, ERP SKU forecasting, support ticket creation, and more. It also allows you to monitor, manage, secure, and govern your data pipelines, application integrations, and API calls, all from a single pane of glass.

CEO – Gaurav Dhillon

Headquarters – San Mateo, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Jitterbit’s iPaaS solution for enterprises for Data integrations is one of the leading Data integrations of the world and features among the best ones here. It comes with a tagline which describes itself as “One Platform. Limitless Opportunities”. It allows you to connect your SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications in days versus months, to reuse trusted applications and extend them easily via APIs to release innovative new solutions. Jitterbit’s iPaaS helps to automate key business processes such as sales order automation, employee onboarding and also enable a 360 degree view of your customers, partners, and employees. You will accelerate innovation, deliver richer customer experiences and drive new business opportunities.

CEO – George Gallegos

Headquarters – Alameda, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Workato is much more than an iPaaS, it is an intelligent Automation Platform that can be used by a variety of businesses and IT professionals for their Data integration and automation needs. A world leader in Automation intelligently prevents Data loss and is among the best iPaaS tool for enterprise. It is one of the most secure tool and is described as an industry leader in security and governance. It is trusted by big financial institutions and corporates. Data integration through Workato’s iPaaS requires no coding, handles error automatically and is instantly deployable. “With great power comes great simplicity” is Workato’s version to “With great power comes great responsibility”.

CEO – Vijay Tella

Headquarters – Mountain View, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Oracle Data Integrator is an undisputed world leader in the area of Data integration and is among the most powerful iPaaS solutions. Oracle’s Data Integrator accelerates time to go live with pre-built connectivity to any SaaS or on-premises application. Run-ready process automation templates, perform real-time business insights, and a visual builder for web and mobile app development powering its customers to deliver innovations up to 6X faster. Oracle Data Integrator accelerates your intra cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and cloud-to-ground connectivity with pre-built, supported adapters for any SaaS, on-premises applications, database, or business process. It helps to integrate any ERP, HCM or CX application faster with the help of its pre-built and easy-to-use Data integration adaptors.

CEO – Safra Catz

Headquarters – Austin, TX

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


SAP provides another iPaaS tool for Business enterprises that are looking for Data integration. It unlocks business agility by connecting applications, data, processes, and people on premise or in the cloud. SAP’s holistic integration approach incorporates both technology, data, and business processes to deliver significant value to your business. It accelerates the speed of innovation, lowers the efforts for integration, and reduces the complexity of operations. Its preconfigured Data integration allows for SAP to SAP and/or SAP to partner. Its holistic Data integration allows for process and Data and its open Data integration allows to integrate SAP with any third-party. It is one of the most reliable and versatile iPaaS tool for Data integration and is used by global leaders across industries.

CEO – Christian Klein

Headquarters – Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Informatica provides a high-performance Data integration that is easy to use and very fast too. It allows us to leverage multi-cloud support, broad connectivity with 3000+ connectors and zero overhead with several deployments. It allows for high productivity with zero-code tools with the help of Automated, intelligent next-best-recommendation for transformation. Informatica provides Industry-leading, comprehensive data integration solutions for your cloud-native and on-premises deployments with the help of Informatica Cloud Data integration, cloud mass ingestion, Cloud Data quality, Cloud integration Hub, power-center, power exchange and operational insights. This iPaaS tool is among the best for Data integration that businesses should definitely have a look at.

CEO – Amit Walia

Headquarters – Redwood City, CA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


Boomi is an Enterprise Data integration and application integration tool that can perform Application and Data integration across your Hybrid IT structure with ease and pace. It is one of the best iPaaS tools for Data integration because it allows to Quickly get started with the vast and growing library of application and technology integrators along with pre-built starter processes, Deploy integrations in the most appropriate location for you like behind the firewall or in a private or public cloud and Centrally manage with the cloud- hosted dashboard for a thorough view and reporting on status and process details.

CEO – Chris McNaab

Headquarters – Chesterbrook, PA

Here’s a link to understand how it works:


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