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AI is not yet ready to combat cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity Experts share insights on the limitations of Artificial Intelligence in combating threats.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is an emerging technology that has the potential to improve many aspects of our world; however, it also has its drawbacks and limitations. A recent article in “The New York Times” warns about the potential dangers of using AI as a tool against cyber threats and suggests other options for protecting data instead.

AI is being used to collect and analyze data in a way humans could never have hoped to, allowing companies to find patterns that may not be visible otherwise. AI technology is an integral part of developing cyber intelligence; however, it has its limitations, which is why cybersecurity experts are urging businesses to take into account the human factor during cyber-attack response initiatives.

AI is good at processing data, but it is not developed enough to distinguish between positive and negative patterns. It can be manipulated by hackers to collect false information that would mislead the system into thinking there are no threats present when in reality, there are.

Why are cybersecurity experts concerned about the limitations of AI in combating threats?