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Africa’s Digital Growth Companies®

Harnessing the power of digital for growth in 2022

SearchRuby and Digital Strategy Institute have come together to identify and publish Africa's Digital Growth Leaders to honor and recognise companies creating stunning digital experiences through next generation solutions. This unique study will also include a distinguished mention of Africa's Digital Growth Companies® for harnessing and advancing the power of digital across industries, which will be released in the last week of February 2022.

To meet this goal, SearchRuby and the Digital Strategy Institute are looking for businesses that have experienced significant revenue growth over the next two years.

To determine whether your company qualifies for our list, we ask that you to verify you revenue figures for the years ending in March 2018 and March 2021, as well as some additional information, such as your firm's headcount at the end of October 2021.

Companies that are able to achieve a position in the prestigious Africa's Digital Growth Companies® will be featured in an interactive table on Digital Strategy Institute and 

The report will be featured in The TopCISO news and a special report supplement, which will be published as part of the CIO and CISO Journal.


  • New business opportunities

  • Employer branding

  • Effective media coverage

  • Reputation


Important Dates to remember

  • Register by 20th February 2021

  • Our study will be published in the last week of February 2022

  • Enjoy and benefit from your company’s success!


Why should you participate?

An entry and inclusion on the Digital Strategy Institute's list of the is a gateway to new opportunities for your company because it is a visible and public demonstration of your success that goes well beyond your particular field and nation. It will also attract interest from potential partners, consumers, and investors from all around the world who are part of the Digital Strategy Ecosystem.

Employer branding: As a company grows, demand for new employees is typically generated. Being seen by potential workers in the prestigious mention of the Digital Strategy Institute will not only raise your profile as an employer, but it will also offer them insight into your firm's long-term potential.

Positive media coverage: Companies that are able to secure a spot in Africa's Digital Growth Companies® will be featured in an interactive study on the Digital Strategy Institute and will also be covered by TopCISO news, as well as a special report supplement.

Online Reputation: All companies that are listed in Africa's Digital Growth Companies® may utilize the award logo for marketing purposes*. Acknowledgement of achievement online at Induction into the Digital Strategy Institute for ICT next generation leaders. Opportunity of being covered in the Digital 20 list of the most successful digital companies in AFRICA.

*The use of the label and the word-and-image logo “Africa’s Digital Growth Companies 2022“ for marketing purposes is subject to a one-time payment of a licence fee. Inclusion in the Africa's Digital Growth Companies® is completely free of charge.

Who can apply and nominate their company?

  • Only applicable to organizations that have a minimum revenue of USD $100,000 in 2018 (fiscal year ending in March 2018)

  • By 2021, revenue of at least $1 million has to be achieved (fiscal year ending in March 2021)

  • Should be an independent firm (the applying company should not be a subsidiary or branch office of another business).

  • The African continent should be the primary home of the organization

  • The revenue increase between 2018 and 2021 was primarily organic (i.e., "internally" caused)

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